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Dear readers, this website is built to update people in Bamberg about the economics development in recent months. Whether you are a classical or a Keynesian economist, you will still find this website useful. The economics analysis laid out here is always objective and is from economists with 20 years plus experience. We hope to improve lives of people not only in local area but also in the whole United States. Recently, we have been through The Great Recession, which led to significant increase in unemployment. If we are not careful, another recession will hit us again and our country will no longer be the best. Please help us promote the content to increase the awareness of the general public.

According to microeconomics theory, perfect competition leads to zero profit in the long run. Hence, we should think of the world as abundance and start our own business. That is the only way for the economy to grow and jobs to be created.

It is good to start with economics 101 course to help people understand the basic concepts. Then we will move on the discuss how SEO can boost economics condition. SEO is very important and even more so in modern days. People are finding businesses via Google.

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